Personal Vehicle Manager

Personal Vehicle Manager

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Having dependable, reliable transportation is something we all need. And when it comes to our car, any breakdown will end up throwing us for a loss of time and money. The best way to avoid problems is to stay on top of “simple things” like changing the oil and rotating the tires. That may be easier said than done…until now.

With iambic’s Vehicle Manager, you can proactively track all this and more in the palm of your hand. It can handle information about one or more cars. Along with helping you keep track of your car’s maintenance schedule, it also does a great job keeping track of vehicle-related expenses (such as fuel, mileage) and insurance data.

Best of all, Vehicle Manager for Windows Mobile is something you can carry along with you, enabling you to make changes on the fly instead of waiting until you get home (or whenever you remember to do it after you get home).

This version of Vehicle Manager has been specially designed for use with Windows Mobile "pocket pc" type of handhelds and phones, i.e. Windows Mobile powered devices whose screen is touch-sensitive. This includes devices equipped with Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Edition, Windows Mobile 6 Professional Edition, and above.

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